Bitch, you gotta go! 

Hello beautiful people!!! It's not going to be a long post but it's an important post because this specific topic is something that affects my life everyday. I keep things 100% with you guys so bare with me through this post and try to understand what it is I and many others are going through. … Continue reading Bitch, you gotta go! 


The Life I Choose 

Hello beautiful people!!! Today, I'm bringing forth a touchy subject for me. I've put so much thought and feeling into this post. Anyone going through what I'm going through, this is for you. Today is March 3, 2017 and I vow to start living my life for me. Sometimes you do things to make other … Continue reading The Life I Choose 

Dear Younger Me: “You’re Stupid”

Hello beautiful people!!!   That title was a little harsh wasn’t it? Sorry about that. This past Sunday at my friend’s church the pastor was talking about obeying your authority. It was recited, “Children obey your parents,” as in the bible and it really made me think. There are many things that my parents tried … Continue reading Dear Younger Me: “You’re Stupid”

Are Valentine’s Day Gifts Mandatory? 

Valentine's Day. Both a blessing and a curse. Well, depending on the person you talk to. Hello Beautiful People!!!!! I have brought a fascinating topic to the table. A holiday that generates both love and hate: Valentine's Day. I was talking to someone about her friend not getting anything for his girlfriend for V-Day because … Continue reading Are Valentine’s Day Gifts Mandatory?