Love Heals

Namaste lovebugs 🙏🏾 As I lay in bed this morning, I have thought about all of the things I am healing from. How I'm afraid to completely let go of control because I have done things to people and I know karma is a real thing. I have insecurities that I feel guilty about and … Continue reading Love Heals


Attitude of Gratitude 

Namaste lovebugs 🙏🏾 I want to start by saying holy fuck! I'm happy! Like I really can't get over how lucky I am to be living in this lifetime.  Recently I've been trying to get yoga back into my daily routine. Yoga and meditation have been keeping me so energetically balanced it's insane. I can … Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude 

Choosing Happiness and Acceptance 

Namaste lovebugs 🙏🏾 Wow! I have been gone way too long. The last time I was here we discussed recognition and acceptance. As you can tell from the title, we're discussing Acceptance again. In this last month, so much has changed in my life and it reminds me that tomorrow is not promised nor is … Continue reading Choosing Happiness and Acceptance 

The Life I Choose 

Hello beautiful people!!! Today, I'm bringing forth a touchy subject for me. I've put so much thought and feeling into this post. Anyone going through what I'm going through, this is for you. Today is March 3, 2017 and I vow to start living my life for me. Sometimes you do things to make other … Continue reading The Life I Choose 

Dear Younger Me: “You’re Stupid”

Hello beautiful people!!!   That title was a little harsh wasn’t it? Sorry about that. This past Sunday at my friend’s church the pastor was talking about obeying your authority. It was recited, “Children obey your parents,” as in the bible and it really made me think. There are many things that my parents tried … Continue reading Dear Younger Me: “You’re Stupid”

Are Valentine’s Day Gifts Mandatory? 

Valentine's Day. Both a blessing and a curse. Well, depending on the person you talk to. Hello Beautiful People!!!!! I have brought a fascinating topic to the table. A holiday that generates both love and hate: Valentine's Day. I was talking to someone about her friend not getting anything for his girlfriend for V-Day because … Continue reading Are Valentine’s Day Gifts Mandatory?