Blessings upon Blessings 

Namaste lovebugs 🙏🏾

God has been showering us in blessings lately. Not just us but people around us as well. The fact that I have the ability to be a witness to God’s glory is such a rewarding experience for me. The day that I chose to follow peace and God’s path for me, I feel that many blessings have been bestowed upon me. Today, I want to tell you about the blessing that I got to experience the week of my birthday.

It all started out with us (Awesome and I) wanting to go hiking. We drove about 45 minutes to hike to this waterfall we found online. Let me tell you, the trip up there was an adventure in and of itself driving my car. At the time, my car needed an ignition coil and an oil change. Nevertheless, we drove my car up there without fear or concern. When we finally got to where we were going, we saw a sign that said something about the fall but the GPS instructed us to keep going. Where the GPS told us to go was a dead end and we had no idea where we were going. So, I kept driving and we pulled up on another place off to the side and I figured we would just go down that path and maybe we would find where we were going. Absolutely not! Guys, this was no longer a road. It was all Earth. However, we kept driving by faith and not by sight…or knowledge.

At this point, I’m starting to get nervous because I didn’t know if my car was going to make it. I was patting it and talking sweet to it, encouraging it up and down this rocky path. We keep driving and the path leads us to a cemetery. Now, we know that this is our only opportunity to turn around and there’s nowhere to continue to go forward. We’re clearly not at the fall. So, we turn around and head back. On the way back, we hear nothing but the music of the Earth and….an elk. Well, don’t take my word on that one because I doubt it was an elk but we didn’t know what else to assume it was. We continue driving and Awesome decides, when in the middle of nowhere do what the safarians do. She climbs out of the window and begins her safari adventure. We stopped to look at these indistinguishable berries and a feather on the side of the path. I eventually went on my own safari until we got back to civilization.

Once we made it back to the street, we decided to keep going in the direction we were going to see what was up ahead. We passed acres and acres of land, a barn and a house with some cool homemade art.

We decided to turn around at a church and go home because we clearly didn’t make it to the fall. On our way back, we saw these things in trees that we identified as “bat caves” and a log in the middle of the road (Awesome’s log). We start to pass the sign about the fall again and Awesome decides to ask these people at their car what they were about to do. They were about to head to the fall but got their keys stuck in their car. After blood, sweat and tears we finally got the keys out of the car. Then, we all headed down to the fall together.

On this day, we saw the most beautiful fall and basked in God’s glory with our new found friends. After swimming and enjoying the weather we hiked back.

I tell you guys this story to say this, God created all of this beauty in this world; from the biggest things like the ocean to the smallest things like timing. Guys, not only were we able to have our own adventure, we met three people that were getting ready to embark on their own journey aside from this hiking trip. We got to talk to them about God’s grace and how He was working in their lives, preparing them for this next step in their lives (they’re now in Germany). What’s crazy is that people drove right past them. How is it that after all that we did prior to running into them, we were the ones to help them and have this experience with them? Only God can set something like that up. It was never not in His plan for us to go hiking. He just wanted to stall us for a minute because when we first drove by, they weren’t there yet. It was meant for all of us to be in the same place and I’m so glad we were.

He cares so much about ALL of us. He cares about our timing. He cares about interactions with people. He really, truly does care about the smallest things. He wrote your story, you’re just living in it. That’s crazy. It’s so beautiful to see the abundancy of love He has for us. You guys had to be there. The words that I use, the video that Awesome and I made, nothing compares to actually being there but I’m glad that I’m able to tell you guys about it. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures! Be sure to check out the related video.


Good vibes and safe trips,




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