Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Namaste lovebugs 🙏🏾

Oh my goodness!!! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you guys!!

Life has been changing very drastically for me lately. It’s all been moving so fast but I’m so grateful for where I am today.

Anyhow, to get into this post, I want to start by saying what a great journey this has been for me so far. Yeah, there are times that I feel a little down or overwhelmed but honestly, outside of that, it’s been great. To top it all off, I turned 21 this year!!!!!!!

My birthday was August 3rd, which I had to work but the next day was PHENOMENAL, to say the least. My best friend really out did herself and I’m still blown away, a month later. It started with breakfast at Cracker Barrel then I had an appointment at the nail salon not long after. When I walked in, there were balloons and a little foldable storage box full of gifts. I didn’t see it at first but when I finally saw it I damn near cried.

After getting my nails done, we went to the park to take pictures. The pictures she captured that day were absolutely gorgeous and we had so much fun even though it was hot. At one point during our photoshoot, we came across a wallet. We checked for an ID, cards, really anything that would have information on it so we could return it. Nothing….but there was money. We kept it because we felt that someone was in need of a blessing and when we came across that person we would just know.

So, off to the next destination we went. We went downtown and sat on these stairs. Awesome set up a little art studio and told me to paint whatever I felt with no one prompting me or really anything. The assignment was to just paint. It’s crazy how beautiful things turn out when you JUST do something. Just be. Just paint. I was given 15 minutes to paint what I felt and in the middle of me painting, a light rain began to fall. It wasn’t even a rainfall just sprinkles of God’s glory. It was the best feeling ever.

We went across the river for the next thing on the schedule. As babe was parking, a man stopped me to offer us his parking pass. Crazy enough, he had only been in the bank for a minute and the ticket was for a little over an hour. In return, God led us to be a blessing on Mr. Tony. He had been having a rough year and ironically, a pretty rough day as well. Of course, I cried because he had no idea what was in the wallet or that God had led us to each other to exchange blessings. Guys, God really be working and I just be so amazed.

After getting treated to a massage, we took pictures until it was time for us to go eat. We went to this amazing Portugese restaurant where I got to gladly whip my ID out for the first time for some fine wine. The food was great! I got to cook my salmon on a hot stone! Afterwards, we took more pictures then went back to her house to sing me happy birthday and reflect on the beauty of such a wonderful day.

I am just so thankful to have her in my life you have no idea. It’s been such a great ride so far and I can’t wait to see what other blessings will be bestowed upon us as we continue this beautiful journey.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I do. Love ya!!

Good vibes and safe trips, 



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