Love Heals

Namaste lovebugs 🙏🏾

As I lay in bed this morning, I have thought about all of the things I am healing from. How I’m afraid to completely let go of control because I have done things to people and I know karma is a real thing. I have insecurities that I feel guilty about and am realizing I can’t move on until I forgive myself. Sometimes I feel so twisted up in my own thoughts and emotions (like the tree we saw on a nature trail in Nashville) that I start to chastise myself for the bad things that happen to me. I’ve been told that everything bad that happens to me was my fault. I can’t keep carrying that burden. 

Not everything is your fault. Some things are. Whatever you’re healing from, it could’ve been self sabotage or someone really hurt you. Either way, forgive yourself and let it go. 

Accept that what you feel is valid and you have every right to feel that way. Don’t hold on to it though. Once you give recognition to those feelings, let them go. I won’t go into all of what I’m healing from but I’m taking the opportunity today to make a difference. I have to keep reminding myself to let go of guilt and insecurity because I’m human. 

Also remember, healing doesn’t happen over night. Every day you have to pray and ask that God help heal the wounds that are there. Keep pushing yourself to be a better person. Walk in the truth that you are enough and one day you will be made new. 

My chains are broken. My heart is open. My soul is unveiled. 

Good vibes and safe trips, 


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