Bitch, you gotta go! 

Hello beautiful people!!!

It’s not going to be a long post but it’s an important post because this specific topic is something that affects my life everyday. I keep things 100% with you guys so bare with me through this post and try to understand what it is I and many others are going through.

I would like to get a little personal today. I want to bring awareness to something that I hold very dear to my heart: anxiety and depression. I have had anxiety and depression for about 6 years now. Still to this day I’m learning how to cope with it and that is why I started my medicine again. I am not ashamed. I don’t have the ability to live life without it because I can’t stabilize my mood on my own. Hopefully, one day I can be off of it but there’s no telling right now.

Recently, I was at a very low point in my life and I didn’t feel like there was really anyone that understood me. The wife was very understanding and helped me through a lot but I still felt alone. That’s the thing with depression though. There can be hundreds of people in your corner but you can’t help but to feel like the world is coming to an end and you’re in it alone.

I quit my job for physical issues, lost my car, was getting sued, tried to help maintain my apartment with no job, and I was stuck in the house all day just about everyday. I knew it was time for me to start my medicine again because I no longer noticed the bitch that took over my body and my life. I was at an all time low and I was trying to take it a day at a time but that was no longer working for me because I need to be able to start making moves in my life. I’m putting this out there because I want to bring awareness that just because someone doesn’t look like they’re going through something doesn’t mean they aren’t.  Anxiety and depression are not taken serious enough and it’s scary. Society today makes it seem like if you can’t see it from the outside it’s not happening at all. Sometimes the people that are smiling on the outside are the saddest ones on the inside. Don’t just go around assuming you know what’s going on.

My point is, be sympathetic and understanding because everyone is going through something that you have no idea about. Most times we don’t say anything because we know that if we do our feelings will be invalidated or we’ll hear the dreaded, “It’s only in your head. You’ll be okay.” To us, our feelings are real and are valid so instead of shooting them down, communicate to us that you understand what we’re saying. If you can’t do that, just listen. I’m sure we would rather you listen than say something that’s going to make it worse.

My rant is over. Seriously people, we need to raise awareness to this overwhelming flow of mental illnesses. It’s real and it affects anyone no matter race, gender, culture, whatever. It can happen to anyone.

If you struggle with anxiety and depression try finding something that you can do to take your mind off of whatever is in the back of your mind. Since starting this blog and preparing to start my YouTube channel I have found that I’m not so anxious and my depression is starting to fade away. Yes, I still need the aid of my anxiety medicine but I am working towards being able to lower my dose. Find something to help you get back to doing the things you love.

Remember I’m always here to be an open ear. Keep your head up and always smile through the pain because the sun will eventually come out in the morning.



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