Are Valentine’s Day Gifts Mandatory? 

Valentine’s Day.

Both a blessing and a curse. Well, depending on the person you talk to.

Hello Beautiful People!!!!!

I have brought a fascinating topic to the table.

A holiday that generates both love and hate: Valentine’s Day.

I was talking to someone about her friend not getting anything for his girlfriend for V-Day because he didn’t love her. You don’t have to love someone to buy them a gift. Or do you?

That is the question I am presenting to you today. Do you have to love someone to give them a Vantine’s Day gift? Are they mandatory?

Personally, I don’t feel like you have to love someone to give them a gift that says “hey, I just wanted you to know I still like and appreciate you.” Is that too much to ask for? I guess it depends on what Valentine’s Day means to you? When you hear about the holiday what is the first thing that is pictured in your head? Are you the type of person that thinks anyone deserves a gift; balloons and flowers? Or are you the person that feels like  Valentine’s Day is only meant for a special someone but you still think a date is appropriate so you go to the movie?

Either of which are okay but it really brings about a controversial topic. Valentine’s Day equally generates both love and hate from people. So, should I wait until I know I love that person to give them a gift. If that is the case what is an accepatable way to celebrate this holiday? Do you even invest in this joyous occasion?

Valentine’s Day to me is just appreciating the person you are with and telling your family how much you love them. I think it is a holiday to remember love and try to cast out hate. Sadly, it doesn’t do that for some people. What is it like for you?

Are Valentine’s Day gifts mandatory? What about Christmas? Birthdays? Anniversaries?

Do you have to love that person to shower them in glory? You tell me.


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