Am I Blackish???

That is a valid question guys!

Hello beautiful people!!!

Wow, where do I start?!

I am currently watching the popular show “Black-ish” that airs on abc (I’m on Hulu). It is hilarious! However, one of the episodes really got me thinking. In short, the episode was about the dad getting a promotion at his company to be the SVP of the URBAN Division. He was upset that he wasn’t the SVP of the entire company, he was just the SVP of basically the black section of their industry. Then, he realizes that his family wasn’t the stereotypical black family. He goes the entire episode trying to make his family the stereotypical black family that he wasn’t just accepting them for who they are.

Well, that’s when I got to thinking. Much like this episode, there are many of us black families that are I guess what you consider “blackish.” Much of my childhood, as well as today, I still get poked at for not being your stereotypical black chick. I have grown to just ignore it and learn as much about my culture as possible and keep going. However, the question is, am I really black?

Based on our society’s views of cultural activities and beliefs, I am not what you consider “black.” Apparently, the way I talk, the way I dress, the way I act do not all meet the qualifications of being black these days. I’m not angry with society or my people I just want to know your thoughts and opinions.

Does the way a person talks acts, dresses make that person a certain race? That is a serious question. Are we so grimy as to look down on another brother or sister because they act “too white” for our standards? Now, don’t get me wrong there is a complete difference from acting and talking with intelligence versus acting entitled and narcissistic. Also, don’t be lead to believe that I feel that all white people are that way. That’s not what I’m saying. I just feel that someone who is raised in the slumps is not any more black than a black person in the suburbs. I do know that they have different struggles but I don’t believe the size of the struggle makes a person a specific race.

It is okay to disagree with me. It is okay to have your own opinion, that will not bother me. Like I said, I just want to know what you guys think about this topic.  Are you blackish? Or whitish? Or even asianish? And what makes you that way or doesn’t?

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